6500 YEN

Create the following from scratch!

- Miso ramen soup

- Hand-made ramen noodles

- Marinated egg and 'cha-shu' pork (vegetarian alternative available)

- Spicy Cucumber Salad

- Chicken thigh 'Kara-age' with Ginger and Garlic

- Dipping Tray with Green Tea Salt and Yuzu Pepper 


Price includes instruction, ingredients, welcome drink and take home recipe

Kyoto Ramen


Created around a delicious and healthy miso ramen recipe, this fun and interesting course is led by an experienced local chef and will teach you all you need to know to recreate this Japanese favourite in your home


Using professional quality tools and ingredients, you will prepare ramen noodles from scratch, as well as 'cha-shu pork', marinated egg and the all important ramen soup! We will also make a spicy cucumber salad and traditional ginger chicken thigh.


When the cooking is over, sit down to enjoy your creations over a cold beer, local sake, or delicate green tea!



After the success of our award-winning sister company Eat Osaka, we set up Eat Kyoto to bring our own style of hands-on Japanese cooking experiences to Japan’s cultural centre! All our chefs are bilingual (or even trilingual!), super friendly and enthusiastic about sharing food, tips and stories with people from all over the world.


Our basic philosophy is that food is the best way to get to know a place, and we really want you to meet the real Kyoto. So, we designed a workshop to combine the tradition of the city with our own sense of fun and of course, a completely delicious meal that you will be able to recreate in your own kitchen!


All our ingredients are locally sourced and will be measured, cleaned and prepared before you arrive. All the techniques and skills you will use are based on home learned methods and have been thoughtfully designed to make sure your experience is fun, interesting and easy to recreate in your own kitchen!


As for tools, we have a great noodle maker and for cutting, we have teamed up with our friends at Tower Knives in Osaka to give you a chance to use some of the best knives in the world!